Hi Everyone

Here it is: the schedule for camp!

Friday 11th July: Arrival any time after lunch and set up camp if required.

First session….Group 1 4 till 5 flat work session in arena
Group 2 5 till 6 flat work session in arena with Jane Tanner

wash and clean up …walk to The Horseshoes: table booked for 8 pm Partners welcome. Taxi home to campfire and stories and gin well into the night!!

Saturday 12th July:
breakfast at the farmhouse

First session…. Group 1 10.30 am to 12pm flatwork and grids in the arena Elspeth Carr
Group 2 10.30 am to 12pm show jumping in the field Janet Green

LUNCH: salads and cold meat

Second session Grp 1 2pm to 3.30 pm sj/pole work in field Jane
Grp 2 2 pm to 3.30 pm grids in arena Janet

Third session ALL TREC with Jane and Nikki

free time for weddings, school reunions etc!!

SUNDAY 13th July:

9 am Early(ish) farm hack

Group 1 11am to 12.30 pm Flatwork with Janet in the field/arena
Group 2 11am to 12.30 pm Show jumping in the field with Elspeth

BBQ lunch

2 till 5 Adjudicated dressage and course riding: not a competition but an appraisal of your test riding and course jumping. Tests: Novice 26 or Intro A Course can be poles on the floor to whatever height you wish. More will be explained on the day.

Home time

Those of you not able to attend all please let us know wish sessions you can join. Session by session is £15 Whole camp is £70 Food wise, we can all make our contributions so again, let me know which meals you require and I can allocate you a shopping list. This helps keep the overall cost down. Pub, pay for what you eat/drink.

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