I’m not going to deny it….. a few days before camp, my head was spinning with logistical dilemma’s and I couldn’t quite work out how the puzzle was going to come together. But how wrong I was! Camp was FANTASTIC and such a pleasant and social occasion!


Friday night kicked off with a hack round the lanes, woods and farm, which was much enjoyed by all who went. We had various terrains and challenges to keep us on our toes but all landed back at base in one piece and ready for supper. Catering manager, Maggie Evans, stepped up to the challenge and produced a fantastic BBQ supper for not only campers but club members too who came along for the social. There was much laughter and reminiscing (helped along by a small amount of wine!).


Saturday was the start of more formal lessons. We had 3 working areas: the arena, the show jumping course on grass and ‘Cavaletti Corner’. Instructors, Nikki Shipp, Janet Green and Jane Tanner took their respective victims, and attempted to whip them into shape! New member Cat, had a beginners session on Bob ( not known for his generosity to learners) but all was well and Cat has confessed to now truly having the riding bug!


Then there was Liz, Maggie, Claudia, Kay, Ade, Meg, Jas and Lucy who were all on board doing various activities. …from some excellent show jumping to piaffe through Cavaletti. Gaynor, whose horse was unwell, took the ride on Princess Holly in the morning while Kay attempted to ride her new bay babe, Nutmeg. Having had a foal last year and lulled into a sense of retirement, poor Nutmeg has had a rude awakening.


Catering manager excelled herself again with a fantastic lunch of chilli and rice. Yummmmy!

In the afternoon we were also joined by Camilla ( and Dougie!!) and Gaynor who took over the ride on Bob the Cob! The Bob and Archie show, after lunch was excellent entertainment value with Bob actually proving that you don’t need to be no fancy warmblood to produce some rather excellent elevation in your trot! Well ridden Mrs Williams! And Meg and Archie were as nimble as sprites through the Cavaletti ( although Archie still thinks he was show jumping!

Adrian and Lucy were doing some focused jumping over corners and skinny’s and making it look very easy. Camilla brought Bambi, a horse she has done well with so far in the dressage league. Camilla told us ‘Rowland says it hasn’t got much jump’ In the words of a New Zealander…..” YEAH,RIGHT!” I suppose its all relative and compared to Big Star, she may not be Rio bound, but she would put up a good demo in most places! Well done Camilla for sitting tight on what must have felt like orbit on occasions! Vicky, stole her mare back of Mum and had a good jump session too, full of the enthusiasm and the confidence of youth. … and all of that after a morning training in Birmingham for the Welsh athletics squad!! ( in AWE!!).


Having packed our ponies to bed, some of us dragged ourselves, under severe protest, to the Nags Head for supper. It was a chore, but hey ho, someone had to go! 😉


Sunday morning we started with two new campers: Rachel and Laura, who had successfully persuaded Paul to look after TWO babies!! Brave man and well done girls…you must have made some very tempting promises!! Both horses went well and the ladies went home happy. The rest of us mounted our steeds and had a great morning. New arrivals in the afternoon were Karen and Glen who had a lovely post lunch session ( another culinary production of magnificence!) in gorgeous weather. Finishing up, Kay and Claudia tackled some mini jumping in the field ( OH THE BRAVERY!). Special mention should go to Lucy, for extreme sympathy for a nervous aged woman, and agreeing to be a very efficient water ( vodka!?!) boy. THANK YOU! Maggie and Vicky had a fab flat lesson with Jan and Ade did some technical grids to round off the day.


WHAT A FANTASTIC CAMP!! Thank you to EVERYONE who came, to the bbq, to ride and to watch!! Special SPECAIL thanks go to Maggie for fab food management and also to SARAH BOWKER for some amazing photos! PLEASE support her and buy a couple. Also MAhOOSIVE thanks to our gorgeous instructors Janet Green, Nikki Shipp and Jane Tanner! #topoftheirgame


Already I am looking forward to the next one!!!! GO DOLFOR RC!!! Truly a LOVELY bunch of people.

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