Dear Member


Thank you for choosing to join Dolfor Riding Club. We hope that we will be able to provide you with a full and varied year of activities, that you can enjoy with like minded people. Over the course of the year, we have already planned in lesson series, specific discipline training, social events and Summer Camp. Please contact Maggie on 01938 552976 if you would like a free copy of our annual planner, although additional activities are regularly added to our schedule. Notification of these is given by email, Facebook and text.

The first of these will be our major fund raiser for the year: a SALSA night at Montgomery Town Hall on Saturday March 4th.  Everyone is welcome, friends and family and no interest in horses required!  Tickets are £10 and include food and music.  A bar is also available.  I do hope that we will see you there! Tickets are available through any of the committee.  You can find contact details on the contact page.

Believe it or not, Spring IS approaching, and with it, a new season of competition. We know that some of you very much enjoy representing the club at Area events and, as a club, we have been successful and qualified through to the Championships in several disciplines last year.

However, Area competitions require a great deal of commitment from a ground team as well as the riders so this year we have put some thought into how we can ensure that the club is best able to manage and support riders at Area level. It is important that you check your horses eligibility, vaccinations and passport details prior to entry, and ideally provide this information to our Area Entry Secretary, Polly Owen, as early in the year as possible. Eligibility and vaccination details are available at :


If you wish to compete for the club at Area level, you will need to come to a pre event team training session. This will give the Chef d’Equipe opportunity to go through the competition format and meet with those attending on the day. Remember, this person is giving up their time so that you can compete. Rule books are available on line via the BRC website:



Whenever we put a team forward to Area, we are also required to have a number of ‘helpers’ on the day, even though we are aware that these people are sometimes surplus to requirements, the team can be eliminated if the helpers do not register at morning briefing. So, if you cannot provide a helper on the day you are competing, you will be expected to BE a helper (or provide one) at another AREA event during the year.


We are also stating that to represent club at Area you need to attend the pre competition training AND at least one other training or social event during the year. A club is exactly that, a body of people who support each other in a shared interest and we feel it is important to promote this aspect of your membership.


SO… the first Area competitions are INTERMEDIATE INDOOR SHOW JUMPING at Reeseheath on March 9th ( entries due by February 14th!) and COMBINED TRAINING at Tushingham on Monday 17th April.


If you are interested in either of these events please contact Polly as SOON as possible on 07837 958089 or pollyowen123@gmail.com Details of the competitions can be found on



I do hope you have a successful and happy year as a club member of Dolfor Riding Club.




Kay Jones








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