Area Competitions Entry Protocol

Dear Members

We have recently had some Area events within BRC Area 20, and putting forward these entries and attending the competitions has given rise to some age-old problems. The problems that have come to light have been issues for us as a small club ad infinitum, and are also issues for the bigger clubs within Area 20. So in order to clarify the DRC Committee stance on this we are issuing the statement below. This has been discussed thoroughly and was carried through unanimously at the last committee meeting.


  • No entry will be accepted until the full fee has been paid, normally through ‘Horsemonkey’
  • Entries will only be accepted from members and combinations known to the club committee and are known to be competent and of an appropriate standard to compete at the level of the competition
  • Team and individual entries will be decided by the committee (consisting of a quorum of 6 members)
  • Team places will normally go the club members who most regularly support club events and functions throughout the year. This is in line with our club ethos of inclusivity and grass-root camaraderie.
  • Prelim and Final Area entries will be submitted by a member of the committee
  • Any member putting an entry forward for an Area Competition undertakes to read, be familiar and comply with the BRC rules relevant to the discipline they are entering, including vaccinations, equipment and turnout.
  • The ENTRANT is wholly responsible for finding a ‘helper’ for the event. The committee is in no way responsible for finding helpers.
  • Entrants are welcome to approach other club members including members who may be on the committee, to act as their helper; perhaps offering to act as their helper at another event. Helpers can also be friends or family who are not members of the club.
  • Entrants will need to name their helper at point of entry. This name can be changed up to 48 hours of the event.
  • If an entrant is not able to compete at short notice, the HELPER will still be required to attend the event. However, in this instance the ENTRANT can then become the helper.
  • If an ENTRANT wishes to be their own helper by offering half a day help, this will depend ENTIRELY on whether this acceptable to the AREA 20 organising team, and the chef d’equipe of the DRC entries. There is NO GUARANTEE that this will be accepted.
  • If you arrive at the event without your helper you will be WITHDRAWN from the competition, no monies will be refunded and you will not be eligible for DRC Area entries for 12 months.

Normally, as a club, we are happy to support each other and enjoy attending events to see our friends and members compete.  The intention of the above rules are to ensure though, that members understand it is NOT up to committee to fulfil ‘helping’ duties, and whilst competing is fun for some, going to Area events is not a prerequisite of being in BRC AREA 20. Ultimately all those who go forward under the banner of the club are therefore representing the club, and should any rider or horse be challenged in any way, then the responsibility for that person’s conduct and performance rests with the committee. We hope that you can understand and support the decisions.


Thank you


DRC Committee 2019

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