Date Focus Venue Book with
11th Feb Stable Management: Horse Fitness      £5 Little Ditches Rachel
15th Feb SJ League      £15 Little Ditches Rachel

Prelim/75cms      Novice/85cms

22nd Feb QUEST Radfords British Dressage
25th Feb SADDLE BALANCE NIGHT & Pilates Launchpad, Welshpool Kay
7th March SJ League       £15 Little Ditches Rachel
  QUEST Radfords British Dressage
8th March Dressage Training with Diane Heskith Jones         £25 for 45 mins Caetrysor Emma
12th March Horse simulator  limited spaces    £27 Much Wenlock Kay
12th and 13th BE Accredited Coach Amanda Holloway Flat work and/or SJ  £75 to be shared by group

Confidence and Partnerships

Garthmyl Kay
14th March Sort The Spook   £15 Little Ditches Rachel
15th March Instructor guided SJ at Bow House Comp  cost tbc Bow House Kay

Field House Birch Cross, Marchington, Uttoxeter ST14 8NX

Fieldhouse, Staffs Emma/Kay by 16th Feb
4th April RALLY: Confidence Clinic and SJ League     £40 Alison’s at Meifod  Kay
28th April GAYNOR COLBOURN Dressage to Music Clinic

Whole package £200

Radfords Kay
21st June AREA OUTDOOR SJ Radfords Kay
4th or 5th July AREA HORSE TRAILS Sommerford Rachel


Dressage to Music Clinic with Gaynor Colbourne


April 28th


An opportunity for a DRESSAGE TO MUSIC clinic with Gaynor Colbourn

Take a look at https://www.dressagetomusicbygaynorcolbourn.com/

The event will take place at RADFORDS equestrian on APRIL 28th.  It is not cheap, but is an opportunity to get your flat work, floor plan and music all sorted.  The cost for the whole package is £200 but one you have it, you can compete at DTM competitions including AREA 20. Please let Kay know if you are interested as soon as possible as once again, if we do not have enough interest we will need to cancel.

Coaching with Amanda Holloway

March 12th and 13th

Brookfield House Garthmyl

A chance to train with BE accredited coach Amanda Holloway

(Please book AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to allow groups to be made and avoid cancellation of the event)

‘Amanda Holloway, née Sivewright, was born in St Ives, Cornwall into the revered Sivewright family who are steeped in equestrian history. Amanda’s Grandmother Pamela Kennedy Ryder-Richardson and parents, Molly and Charles Sivewright were the founder members of the renowned Talland School of Equitation, originally named after Talland Bay in St Ives and with their three daughters were part of producing Talland as a centre of equestrian excellence.

Amanda’s father, a former Colonel in the 11th Hussars, left the army when Amanda was five, and moved his family to Church Farm, Siddington, Cirencester, where they had a dairy herd and a bull, which within a very short time made way for huge numbers of horses, ponies and students galore…! Amanda has fond memories of her Father’s Saturday coaching sessions with their students and weekly Sunday morning inspections…! He was also responsible for building a super cross country course that were Amanda and her siblings ‘playground’. The Sivewrights hosted ‘discussion, training and demonstration days’ at Talland which were well attended by International coaches, judges, trainers and riders right through until her late teens. Amanda is pretty sure she could ride before she could walk and did a lot of lead rein showing when she was very little. Amanda and her siblings schooled all their ponies and horses themselves under the watchful eyes of their mother as well as some of the best coaches and trainers in the world.

Out of a family of five, four have competed Internationally. Amanda’s father was a point to point rider, keen follower of hounds and ran Talland. Amanda’s mother Molly started her riding career showing, hunting, eventing and competing in International dressage. She actively coached up until her sad passing in 2013 and is the author of three hugely sought after equestrian books, “Thinking Riding – Books 1 & 2” and “Lessons on the Lunge for Horse & Rider”.  Amanda’s elder sister, Pamela, a former International eventing and dressage rider is a well known Horse & Hound columnist and now runs the family business, Talland. Sarah, Amanda’s younger sister is a former International dressage rider, a coach and qualified equestrian expert witness. ‘

Amanda will be teaching at Brookfield House, Garthmyl on Thursday March 12th and 13th.  Lessons can be in small groups which will help to manage pricing.  Amanda’s focus is on confidence and partnership and she has an excellent track record and reputation with her clients.  Normally based in the Cotswolds this is a rare opportunity to gain from her lifetime of expertise.

Amanda is happy to teach flat work or jumping.

Please book AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to allow groups to be made and avoid cancellation of the event.

British Riding Club Flu Vaccination Rules

BRC Flu Vaccination Statement – 8 November 2019.
We’re aware of questions that have been raised by some members over the incoming rule which mandates six monthly boosters against Equine Influenza (EI) (see rule changes below) and would like to provide further information about the rationale behind this decision.
For much of 2019, the UK has been affected by outbreaks of EI with the number of cases peaking in July. As a department of the BHS, which is a member body of the BEF, BRC has the welfare of equines competing under our rules at the forefront of our minds at all times– and it’s our responsibility, along with every horse owner, to help negate the spread of this virus.
Throughout the year, we’ve been listening to advice and evidence from our veterinary and industry colleagues on the BEF High Health Steering Group, the Equine Infectious Disease Advisory Group and the Animal Health Trust (AHT). Unlike some other organisations, we took the decision not to make a mid-season rule change during the initial outbreak, instead strongly recommending that a six month booster be given, while continually monitoring the situation.
As a result of the outbreak this year, a number of competition venues have taken the decision to mandate six monthly boosters. This has led to some confusion among members as to the different vaccination requirements from venue to venue, which has necessitated additional checks before competing. Indeed some areas have had to run qualifiers stipulating a six monthly booster is mandatory in order to satisfy their venue owners.
We want to be as consistent as possible across all our qualifiers and championships, with a clear policy that all members can follow. It should also be noted that we are now in line with British Dressage, British Eventing and the FEI. However, we appreciate that this is a significant move, so we wanted to ensure that we considered the advice provided by veterinary experts before amending our competition rules. All of the evidence points to the efficacy of vaccinations reducing after six months, hence this decision taken by the BRC Advisory Committee.
In the most recent DEFRA AHT BEVA Equine Quarterly Disease Surveillance Report it was concluded:
That horse owners, especially those attending gatherings and events attended by other horses, undertake routine influenza vaccination and ideally adopt 6 monthly booster vaccination as this is currently considered ‘gold standard’ for controlling this infection.
Dr Jane Nixon MA VETMB BSC MRCVS, Chair of the BEF High Health Steering Group said “We’re in the middle of an equine flu epidemic, with over 220 reported outbreaks alone so far in 2019 – an outbreak case includes a number of horses so there are thousands affected; marking a staggering increase on last year, when only two outbreaks were confirmed in the UK.
“We all need to help control the spread of the virus and vaccination unequivocally does just that. There have been several peer-reviewed scientific papers which support vaccination, including six monthly boosters, which should not leave any responsible horse owner in doubt that this is the right way forward.”
The BRC qualifiers and championships are very large events. We regularly see in excess of 500 horses gathering together from the length and breadth of the UK. It is our responsibility to protect these events for our members, their horses and indeed the future of our sport.
We have noted that some members have commented that their horses have had an adverse reaction to a recent vaccination, and BRC would like to encourage any instances to be reported on the UK Government report portal here: https://www.gov.uk/report-veterinary-medicine-problem. This should be in addition to reporting the reaction to your veterinary surgeon.
2020 BRC Rule Change: From 1 January 2020, it will be strongly advised when competing at BRC events to have a flu vaccination within 6months and 21days of the competition. From 1 March 2020, this will then become mandatory.

IMPORTANT: This does not mean vaccinations need to be done every 6 months; it means that the vaccination needs to be within 6 months and 21 days of the competition. For example, if your competition was the 22 September, you would need to have a vaccination after the 1 March (1 March – 1 September = 6months + 21 days = 22 September). This rule applies to Qualifiers and Championships only. Whilst we recommend that Clubs also follow this advice for Club activities, they remain autonomous and can therefore decide what they will require for their own training and events.

Area Competitions Entry Protocol

Dear Members

We have recently had some Area events within BRC Area 20, and putting forward these entries and attending the competitions has given rise to some age-old problems. The problems that have come to light have been issues for us as a small club ad infinitum, and are also issues for the bigger clubs within Area 20. So in order to clarify the DRC Committee stance on this we are issuing the statement below. This has been discussed thoroughly and was carried through unanimously at the last committee meeting.


  • No entry will be accepted until the full fee has been paid, normally through ‘Horsemonkey’
  • Entries will only be accepted from members and combinations known to the club committee and are known to be competent and of an appropriate standard to compete at the level of the competition
  • Team and individual entries will be decided by the committee (consisting of a quorum of 6 members)
  • Team places will normally go the club members who most regularly support club events and functions throughout the year. This is in line with our club ethos of inclusivity and grass-root camaraderie.
  • Prelim and Final Area entries will be submitted by a member of the committee
  • Any member putting an entry forward for an Area Competition undertakes to read, be familiar and comply with the BRC rules relevant to the discipline they are entering, including vaccinations, equipment and turnout.
  • The ENTRANT is wholly responsible for finding a ‘helper’ for the event. The committee is in no way responsible for finding helpers.
  • Entrants are welcome to approach other club members including members who may be on the committee, to act as their helper; perhaps offering to act as their helper at another event. Helpers can also be friends or family who are not members of the club.
  • Entrants will need to name their helper at point of entry. This name can be changed up to 48 hours of the event.
  • If an entrant is not able to compete at short notice, the HELPER will still be required to attend the event. However, in this instance the ENTRANT can then become the helper.
  • If an ENTRANT wishes to be their own helper by offering half a day help, this will depend ENTIRELY on whether this acceptable to the AREA 20 organising team, and the chef d’equipe of the DRC entries. There is NO GUARANTEE that this will be accepted.
  • If you arrive at the event without your helper you will be WITHDRAWN from the competition, no monies will be refunded and you will not be eligible for DRC Area entries for 12 months.

Normally, as a club, we are happy to support each other and enjoy attending events to see our friends and members compete.  The intention of the above rules are to ensure though, that members understand it is NOT up to committee to fulfil ‘helping’ duties, and whilst competing is fun for some, going to Area events is not a prerequisite of being in BRC AREA 20. Ultimately all those who go forward under the banner of the club are therefore representing the club, and should any rider or horse be challenged in any way, then the responsibility for that person’s conduct and performance rests with the committee. We hope that you can understand and support the decisions.


Thank you


DRC Committee 2019

Re-scheduled Festival of the Horse, 16th February 2019

Last year’s Festival of the Horse has been rescheduled for February 16th 2019 at Radford’s Equestrian Centre, Lower House Farm, Llanymynech, Shropshire. If you want to enter please contact Polly Owen : Text/call: 07837 958089 or Email: pollyowen123@gmail.com

Qualifying Classes: (Team/Individual – Junior/Senior)

Challenge 80 (CH80)

Challenge 90 (CH90)

Challenge 100 (CH100)

Entries Close – Friday, 25th January 2019



New Year’s Resolution – check your hat and body protector are the correct standard!

A  very happy 2019 to all our members!

The start of the New Year is a good time to check that your riding hat and body protector are of the right standard to use at Riding Club events. If they are not you will not be allowed to compete at any BRC Qualifiers or Championships. The stewards at these events are very vigilant and will spot any sub-standard equipment. Every hat/body protector is now tagged with an aqua tag before riders are allowed to compete. Also, if you are injured at ANY Riding Club organised activity and are not wearing kit of the correct standard, then the BHS insurance sadly won’t cover you.

To check if your hat/body protector meets the requirements please click on the links below which will allow you to download two pdfs with plenty of useful information and photos of the logos you need to check:

For hats : http://www.bhs.org.uk/~/media/bhs/files/pdf-documents/brc/2018-brc-hat-tagging-guide.ashx?la=en

For body protectors : http://www.bhs.org.uk/~/media/bhs/brc/meg/miscellaneous/2018-brc-bp-standards-v2-oct-2018.ashx?la=en

Happy riding!

An exciting year ahead…

We’ve got lots of exciting things planned this year, for you and your horse or just for you.

Have a look at our Wall Planner for more information: Wall planner 2018 – Dolfor Riding Club

We do have additional events throughout the year and occasionally we do need to rearrange some of the things we have planned (normally because of the terrible British weather!), so please keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest information. If we have your mobile number we’ll text you too.