TestRiderHorseBridle NoScorePlacingPointsLeague Points TOTAL
Intro ANicola JonesAbi10269.13%1st813
Intro AMaggie EvansFraser10168.69%2nd713



Intro CAlice Newby-VYankeeDoodle10473.48%1st 
Intro CHannah LakeArli10372.61%2nd714
Intro CMaggie EvansFraser10169.35%3rd613
Intro CNicola JonesAbi10268.26%4th513



Novice28 Kay JonesHolly113W/D 0
Novice28SusieWilkinsonRed Flora105W/D 04
Novice28Anna PryceTiger10969.79%2nd715
Novice28Jen MulcahyLeo11167.50%3rd611
Novice28Sue HigginsSaffy10867.29%4th512



Prelim14SusieWilkinsonRed Flora105W/D 04
Prelim14Anna PryceTiger10971.46%1st815
Prelim14Sue HigginsSaffy10870.42%2nd712
Prelim14Sarah YorkeOscar10770.21%3rd66
Prelim14Jen MulcahyLeo11167.92%4th511
Prelim14Jas JonesGlanvyrnwyNadia11265.42%6th33



Prelim 2RoushaDevauxOtto10673.45%1st813
Prelim 2Hannah LakeArli10372.41%2nd714
Prelim 2Alice Newby-VYankeeDoodle10470.17%3rd 
Prelim 2Nicola JonesLoui11568.28%4th55
Prelim 2SusieWilkinsonRed Flora10567.76%5th44

RESULTS – Interclub Show Jumping Competition 19th September 2020 Radfords

Class 2: 40-50cm
1st – Meg Jones – Archie Dolfor
2nd – Claire Jones – Alfie -VVRC
3rd – Linda Woolley – Sianie -VVRC
4th – Ester Barton – Diva -Hafren
5th – Kat Morgan – Gunner -VVVRC

Class 3: 60-65cm
1st – Kay Jones -Binky – Dolfor
2nd – Claire Jones – Alfie -VVRC
3rd – Ester Barton – Rocky -Hafren
4th – Linda Woolley – Sianie -VVRC
5th – Kat Morgan – Gunner -VVVRC
6th – Chloe-Louise Rogers – Pye Wakket VVRC

Class 4: 70-75cm
1st – Marion Harding – Pinky – Hafren
2nd – Rachel Jones – Homer – Dolfor
3rd – Hattie Sylvester – Harper – Dolfor
4th – Paula Jeffreson – Lily – VVRC
5th – 1st Kay Jones – Binky – Dolfor
6th – Carline Hurley – Chorister Girl – VVRC

Class 5: 80-85cm
1st – Hannah Burgoyne – Bally – VVRC
2nd – Marion Harding – Pinky – Hafren
3rd – Nicola Jones – Abi – Dolfor
4th – Sarah Yorke – Oscar – Dolfor
5th – Jasmin Williams – Darcey – Dolfor
6th – Sara Wright – Alton – VVRC

Class 6: 90-95cm
1st – Caitlyn Mockler – Ted – Hafren
2nd – Nicola Jones – Abi – Dolfor
3rd – Beck Burton – Frank – Dolfor
4th – Jas Jones – Pepsi – Dolfor
5th – Calais Craddock – Windsor – Dolfor
6th – Steph James – Tonic – Dolfor

Class 7: Pairs
1st – Hannah + Linda – VVRC
2nd – Kay + Jasmin – Dolfor
3rd – Paula + Ali – VVRC
4th – Izzy + Chloe -VVRC
5th – Caitlyn + Eryn – Hafren
6th – Sara + Kat – VVRC

Class 8: Accumulator
1st – Izzy – VVRC
=2nd – Beck – Dolfor
=2nd – Jas – Dolfor
4th – Eryn – Hafren
5th – Caitlyn – Hafren
6th – Chloe-Louise – VVRC

Class 9: Chase me Charlie
1st – Beck – Dolfor
2nd – Lucy McFarlane – Otto – Dolfor
3rd – Jas – Dolfor

Team points
1st Dolfor 118
2nd VVRC 86
3rd Hafren – 41

Team individuals with highest points
Dolfor – Beck
VVRC – Linda
Hafren – Caitlyn

WELL DONE ALL!! What a great day we had!! 🙂

Cross Country Schooling – register your interest!

Who’s up for some XC Instructed Schooling Sessions and Farm ride fun at Radfords & the Isle? 🏇🏻🏇🏻
Here’s your chance to take advantage of some XC schooling sessions with our instructors before the venues close their courses to get them ready for events that are finally re starting! The farm ride jumps start at 40cm and up to 100cm around the main area so we can accommodate all abilities!
Please either reply with which of the below dates you are available OR go on to our FB page and VOTE on the poll under the ‘discussions’ tab and select which of the ‘6’ provisional dates you can currently do and we will book the most popular date(s) and confirm.
Small group sessions could run in staggered slots between approx 14.00-19.00hrs on weekdays and 10.00-15.00hrs on weekend dates.
Once we have some definite dates, you will then be allocated your preferred start times….if there is a lot of interest we will of course confirm a few dates!
So BE QUICK and register your interest with us ASAP so we can get everything confirmed!
Cost is £25 per person for members to INCLUDE both XC hire AND Instructor. (Please enquire if you wish to become a member).
Please feel free to send us a message if you want more details before you can commit! 🙂
Proposed Dates are:
Thursday 16th July 
Monday 20th July
Sunday 26th July
Thurs 30th July
Sunday 9th August
Thursday 20th August
Email Kay@bettwslifehouse.org.uk



Some DATES that need your commitment please.

Sat July 4th:  CLEAR ROUND JUMPING at Jane’s, Little Ditches, Montgomery.   Please book in with Rachel.  These FUN sessions are popular and great practice for bigger competitions in the future. £10 per horse for an hours session including instruction

SATURDAY 11th JULY:  GETTING BACK ON BOARD:  A day focused on regaining confidence, improving partnerships and having a gentle go at a variety of disciplines in a stress free and supportive environment. DAY RALLY AT ALISON LEWIS WHITE HOUSE< MEIFOD. Please book in so we can hire the right number of instructors. Book with Kay £30 for the day to include THREE ridden sessions.

SUNDAY 19th JulyDRESSAGE CLINIC with Diane Heskith-Jones

Dressage focused lessons with Diane Hesketh-Jones on Sunday 19th July in Guilsfield.
Planning to compete or just improve? Don’t miss out on a great chance to get some practice in with a top instructor.
Open to all club members at a summer 2020 bargain price of £15 for a 45 minute lesson. Please book in with Emma Saul emma.saul72@gmail.com


Many of us feel that competing needs some magnificent amount of knowledge and skill. These rally’s are focusing on the simple techniques that can help you master ‘THE WARM UP’ ‘THE COLLECTING RING’ and many more TEST or ROUND tips that will help you manage your nerves and keep your horse focused on your journey into public competitions.

Based at Alison’s at THE WHITE HOUSE, MEIFOD  we will have access to dressage arenas, trained judges, top BHS instructors, cross country fences and a show jumping course.

We will also have a session based on the ‘show ring’ and whilst shows are not running this year, we can learn techniques and ‘tricks of the trade’ that will have the judges marvelling at your equine mastery.

Book in now with Kay.  £30 per day  😊


Let’s do dressage!

Dressage focused lessons with Diane Hesketh-Jones on Sunday 19th July in Guilsfield.
Planning to compete or just improve?  Don’t miss out on a great chance to get some practice in with a top instructor.
Open to all club members at a summer 2020 bargain price of £15 for a 45 minute lesson.
Don’t miss out – leave a message here or email me at emma.saul72@gmail.com
Look forward to hearing from you soon

Coronavirus Impact

Dear All

Despite our resolute optimism, we have no option than to follow guidance from BRC HQ and have a hiatus in our Spring/Summer Schedule. We will keep a close eye on all government and BRC advice and keep you all updated. What a shame! We all needed a boost not another knock after this winter. Anyway…keep healthy and safe and enjoy what you can.

ALL of the committee are SO SO Sorry!!

Here is the statement from BRC:

BRC coronavirus update 16:30 Tuesday 17 March 2020

We are understandably receiving a number of queries about the current situation regarding coronavirus and BRC events and activities. We share your frustrations and concerns and have taken time to listen to government advice, using it to make a decision on the next steps we should take within BRC.

After the government’s update yesterday evening (Monday 16 March 2020), we are now able to issue the following updates:

  1. We strongly recommend that no riding club activities of any nature should take place from midnight tonight, up to and including 30th June 2020. This decision has been taken to support the government’s most recent advice on social distancing, reducing pressures on the NHS and the care of vulnerable individuals.
  2. We would encourage committee meetings to take place virtually if possible, to enable planning for future activities once restrictions are lifted.
  3. In line with this advice, we regret to announce the cancellation of the following BRC championships: a. SEIB Novice Winter Championships at Arena UK on 28 – 29 March 2020 b. HorseHage and Mollichaff Intermediate Winter Championships at Bury Farm on 24 – 26 April 2020 c. FibreBeet Festival of the Horse Championships at Aston-le-Walls on 30 – 31 May 2020 d. NAF Five Star Horse Trials Championships at Swalcliffe Park Equestrian on 7 – 9 August 2020

With the current 30 June restriction, the first three championships fall under the time frame as detailed above. Whilst the National Horse Trials Championships fall outside of this restriction period, we are mindful that it would leave a very short window in which to hold qualifiers. Various options have been explored with regards to the event format and entry requirements, however, due to the nature of the event, it has not been possible to find a safe and viable way forward.

All championship entries that have been processed for the above cancelled events will be refunded in accordance with our refund policy detailed in Rule G2.3, which is that a 75% refund will be issued. Although our stable bookings are non-refundable, we are aware that this is a very difficult time for our members, and so we have taken the decision to refund all stable bookings in full on this occasion. The team here at HQ will be working to process these as soon as practically possible, however, please do bear with us as this will undoubtedly take some time.

This is a very challenging time for us all and we know that you are understandably worried about the on-going care of your horses. The BHS will be updating their advice and guidance on the common issues we all now face with regards to our equestrian pursuits.

We are aware that the situation is constantly evolving, and we will issue regular communications to keep you informed of any further updates in line with government advice.

The BRC team and committee are extremely disappointed to lose these events as we enjoy running them as much as you all enjoy attending. However, in the current climate, it’s important that we all take the responsible approach.